first time dapat email dr receptionist school ni..rasa lawak.
sweet sangat.
ye laaa..keje kat office engineering school.sume org muka stress je (student la)...
ingat lg time blaja kat uni dulu.
kakak2 kerani muka garang2..bengis.padahal sebangsa..seagama.
kalau nak mintak borang tukar seksyen pun takut2.
nak tanya pape pikir 44 kali.
lagi2 la ada sorg bro tu.
masa minggu orientasi dah ugut siap2 "awak tau tak, berat saya bape? hampir 100 kg. so, kalau saya nampak awak pakai selipar datang ofis, saya pijak kaki awak".

bila kerani stresss...student dah la mmg stress memanjang...environment tak sihat ok.

cuba baca email yg dihantar receptionist school saya ni. kebanyakan email berkenaan hilang barang.

ini email pertama yg saya dapat masa mula2 mendaftar.comel kan?

Hello Everyone,

Can I just remind you all that it was visa census signing day on Friday 28th October? Could those naughty international students who have not yet signed the census please do so as soon as possible.

You don't want to upset your favourite receptionist now do you (still Debbie)
See you soon

email 2
Hi Everyone,
It's been a while! But I have some lost property in the form of a jacket, pair of gloves, translator and earphones.
So anyone feeling the cold, struggling with English and can't hear their music please see me at Reception!

If the items have not been claimed by the end of next week they will have to be removed from the School Office.

Kind regards Forever your favourite Receptionist Debbie

email 3
Hello Lovely Students,
I have a few items of lost property on my desk. ….2 pairs of sunglasses, 1 pair are prescription so I will need to give you an eye test before I can give those out : ) . Don’t know how you are managing without them in this weather!!!!!!! The other item, headphones.

Any enquiries as usual to your favourite Debbie

email 4
Hello Lovely Students,
Some books have been found in the school and handed into Reception. They are actually from Newcastle College Library……tut tut tut tut……..anyone wishing to avoid a fine and would like to return them to Newcastle College, had better collect them from me asap.
Kind regards.
Your favourite receptionist Debbie

email 5
Hello Lovely Students, A set of keys have been handed into the Reception of Chemical Engineering and the lovely Receptionist there, Angie, has reasons to believe they belong to some-one from this School......I don't know why perhaps they have a bit of wire or something wrapped around them!!!!!. Any enquires please see Angie .
Kind regards
Your favourite Receptionist, NOT Angie....still Debbie : )

email 6
Hello Lovely Students,
Its been a while and you have all been very good with your possessions : ) However some keys have been handed into the School Office These were found in the Common Room. It’s a bit cold for being homeless so please see me at Reception if you think they might be yours.

Kind regards Debbie Your favourite lost property queen : )

email 7
Hello Lovely Students, I have had some items of lost property handed into the School Office. This includes a lighter (naughty), a lunch lunch so you can have that back and a pair of 3D!

All enquiries as usual to me, your favourite Receptionist (Debbie)

Debbie ni mmg comel pun.rasanya dia dah berumur. cepat je respon kalau kita request apa2. yg baik jadikan panduan. janganla asyik serius je. cuba kita buat2 lawak sket cam debbie ni yg penting objective tercapai... ok..kakak2 receptionist.sebab tu awak duk depan sekali. janganla buat muka masam.saya paling sakit ati kalau nak kena berurusan dgn org muka masam nie.


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